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  • Software Engineer, Instructor & Mentor

About Me

my short bio

I'm a Software Engineer, instructor and Mentor . I love teaching, coaching and building solutions.

I am passionate about telling african stories to a global audience. I dont believe in thinking out of the box;because the box doesnt exist in the first place.

When NOT writing code

I am probably:

  • + doing scientific experiments,
  • + Singing & Playing the guitar and Double Bass
  • + Spending time with God.
  • + in church doing the Lord's Business
  • + Swimming
  • + Taking care of my balcony garden
  • + Teaching children how to code
  • + Mentoring and coaching
  • Skills

    some stuff am good at

    My tools of trade include:

    Adobe Creative Suite
    PHP & MySql


    formative Institutions

    • m:lab - mobile entrepreneurship
    • Strathmore University - Android Programing & Development
    • Strathmore University -CPA sec5 presently
    • University of Nairobi -BA(Economics,Political Science& French)


    what i have done

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    dont hesitate

    Dont hesitate to drop me a line and i will get back to you ASAP.

    • Phone: +254 720 672674
    • Buy me iceCream and an Espresso..:)

    about ME

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